Get to know LYHO


Welcome to LYHO. My name is Arezu, the founder of LYHO.
LYHO stands for Love Yourself Help Others, and it came from my passion;

What has occupied my mind the most is ‘ Domestic violence against women.

I can not give any reason where this feeling started and why, I just know that I can not be aware of the existence of this villain and do nothing. I believe that domestic violence against women is the root of all the problems and angers in this world.

If children of the past had not witnessed the suffering of their mothers, or If they were not victims of the anger of a mother who is/was under domestic violence,   their souls would not be harmed.

If they had received love and grown up in peace, the violence and hostilities of today would not have taken place.

This is a cycle that must be broken furthermore needs the support and help of every single of us.
It may seem impossible but not if we believe in ourselves that whatever we want is possible.

In other hands, don't forget that A penny saved is a penny earned.

I almost had forgotten this desire and overwhelmed by my own problems until the quarantine era began, and the domestic violence rate against women sky-rocketed.

It made me realize that it’s time to do something. I need to generate my own capital to take a real step and help those women.

I have lots of ideas and plan to support those women which I will share with you later, But To begin, I will give a percentage of my income from selling LYHO earrings to organizations that are supporting women under domestic violence.

It is a great honor and pleasure for me if you accompany me in this way.

By purchasing LYHO earrings you are doing LYHO; you are doing self-love and Helping others which is supporting women under domestic violence.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Have a wonderful day.