About Us

Get to know LYHO

Glad to see you here. I’m Arezu, the founder of LYHO ! 

LYHO was founded in the Netherlands in April 2021 – for women like you who are bold and brave, who devoted to facing their fears and giving themselves a hug instead of judgment.

LYHO stands for Love Yourself Help Others, it is born from my passion: empowering women worldwide.

Nothing fires me up like supporting women victims of domestic violence. Female empowerment is the solution to the most of our problems. 

When women know their worth and have selflove,This love radiates into all their relationships specially with their kids, which ripples out to create a world based on love instead of pain.
If kids of the past had received love and grown up in peace, the violence and hostilities of today wouldn't have taken place.
Together we support each other to change as individuals! 

I’m delighted to offer LYHO as a way for you to do good in the world – while treating yourself. Every time you purchase a pair of earrings, 5% of the benefit donated to women’s rights organizations. 

It is your daily reminder of your right to pleasure and playfulness as a woman.
Wearing your LYHO earrings goes beyond fashion and creativity – it’s a way of life. 

Come join the movement!

About – Materials

LYHO jewelry is:

- Hand-made of lightweight polymer clay for comfort all day long.

- Designed with a core of brass plated with 18k gold, Silver or Rhodium.

- Free from nickel and lead, Allergy-free.

- Exuding timeless elegance with a modern touch.

- Coming with a 6-month color guarantee. 

Each piece is created with passion and purpose – qualities reverberating from the artist to the amazing woman that you are.

Our hope is that every time you wear your LYHO jewelry, you’ll feel powerful and free – because that’s what you deserve to be!

Feel free to contact us if you have any other questions.

Have a wonderful day,